Thanh Hoa City – Vietnam

Brand Identity



Fashion industry, especially for the youth, is changing rapidly in Vietnam recent years. As the population is still young, and the income is increasing, many sellers find this field is attractive and promising. Established in early 2020, Gints – short for ‘Give interesting things’ – is a new fashion brand that aims to provide high quality casual outfits for teenagers. This market is busy with many competitors so that a stand-out and effective visual identity is a significant requirement. Long Le – founder of Gints has reached out to us from the beginning to accompany in creating this brand with him.

Gints stands for quality, fashion, friendliness and specialty. Our approach is to develop an unique monogram for it that can be easily adapted throughout various items. The G icon is constructed from letter G, I and T in a double-line shape, connected well with the wordmark and the whole typography system. It appears on T-shirt, cap, bag and other designs while just requires simple treatment. This symbol is also customised to create a seamless pattern. The pattern, in turn, becomes eye-catching decoration supporting brand recognition and a useful grid for many layouts. All of these elements come in a single black and white color scheme to keep impression and consistency – feels that a premium fashion brand like Gints should always have.

Gints logo 2
Gints logo construction animation
Gints icon on images animation
Gints cap
Gints pin design
Gints namecard design 2
Gints namecard design 1
Gints pattern animation
Gints paper tag design
Gints sample T-shirt
Gints shopping bag design
Gints poster design
Gints posters animation
Gints shoes box design

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