Herotus Coffee

HCMC – Vietnam

Brand Identity, Packaging

Food & Beverage


Herotus Coffee is a new coffee start-up by Ms. Hien – the woman who has traveled to many countries and experienced local coffee on her journeys. Coffee is, therefore not only the way people enjoy their drinks but also a reflection of culture and history. Herotus Coffee then positions themselves as the coffee of travel and discovery with a touch of nostalgia. Travelers always desire to explore new horizons and that spirit becomes the main characteristic of the brand. This can be seen clearly on the design by the illustration, old style envelope stamping and portable packages.

The challenge of this project is that products are manufactured in small batches. Organic coffee from Vietnam highlands is transported, hand-roasted and packed in the same day in Ho Chi Minh city. Small-batch production means Herotus team has to cut off the cost and the design has to be easy to update. We solve this problem by many ways. Blank zip bags are bought instead of full-printed bags which require hundreds thousand of pieces for each printing oder. Hand-stamping process inspired by the old time makes each bag unique. Different weights use the same label that needs simple ticks to separate coffee types and sizes while the expiry date is stamped. So we just need one label design for 4 items in the range. This is such an economic approach for this case and it’s flexible enough to expand or update the products in the future.

Herotus Coffee logo inspiration
Herotus Coffee logo
Herotus Coffee namecard and trifold
Herotus Coffee namecard design
Herotus Coffee stamp 1
Herotus Coffee stamp 2
Herotus Coffee stamp 3
Herotus Coffee illustration and label design
Herotus Coffee product
Herotus Coffee product and label
Herotus Coffee 3 packages

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