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Established in 2003, Newtecons – formerly F.D.C – is known as one of the biggest construction contractors in Vietnam. After over 20 years of development, Newtecons becomes a trusted partner with many local and global investors. Their projects are various, from industrial to hospitality, commercial and residential buildings.

In 2019, Newtecons collaborated with Minima Studio to upgrade their identity after changing their brand name. The new logo was expected to have an iconic symbol that was easily recognized and remembered. The letter N was chosen to represent the company’s spirit. It is constructed by symmetrical shapes. Another hidden N is also created by the negative space within the structure. The new logo stands for strength, stability and unity. The color, one of the most important elements of the visual identity, is inherited and updated from the F.D.C color palette with blue and red at its core. The new brand identity is applied consistently through various touch points, from stationery, digital appearance to construction sites.

newtecons logo on building
newtecons logo shapes
newtecons typography
newtecons namecard
newtecons lanyard
newtecons report
newtecons tote bag
newtecons billboard
newtecons signage
newtecons jacket
newtecons helmet
newtecons cau thap

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