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Brand Identity



Since the establishment in 2006, Unicons reached the third rank of biggest private construction companies in Vietnam after just one decade. The logo – designed in-house long time ago by an engineer becomes the key of identity of the company during history.

10-year anniversary is an important milestone and Unicons has made an overall review of their brand. The company is now mature that needs a new stable and sustainable look while remains the brand heritage. This is not an easy redesign work as we have to decide carefully what to keep and what to be updated. Logotype is then recreated to fix typography errors, the scale of elements is reconsidered and the colors take a new refreshment. Everything comes together in a brand new modern plus recognisable structure, promising remarkable future development.

Unicons logo
Unicons logo changes
Unicons logo letters
Unicons logo gif
Unicons stationery
Unicons name tag
Unicons magazine
Unicons logo sign
Unicons logo on site
Unicons construction site view
Unicons sign board
Unicons logo on site
Unicons uniform 2
Unicons uniform with logo
Unicons uniform design 1
Unicons logo on site 2
Unicons logo

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